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Insurance Asset Management

We know investing for insurers, including property & casualty, life, specialty and captive. We have a deep knowledge of the objectives, parameters, and regulatory constraints our clients face. The objectives and challenges are unique for each insurance company,  so at Miles Capital, we offer insurers customized investing to help meet these needs. We take a holistic view of our clients’ needs, and build strategic partnerships that support their broader goals.

Industry Expertise

Attempting to communicate your needs and objectives to an asset manager that doesn’t understand insurance is frustrating. You won’t experience that with us. We have worked closely with insurance company clients for 30 years, and are proud of the strong relationships we’ve built. We are known for our expertise in the insurance asset management industry.

For decades the team at Miles Capital has helped insurance companies to maximize the contribution of their investment portfolio to their business strategy. We deliver both institutional asset management and perspective on critical business issues such as maximizing income within regulatory boundaries or optimizing capital efficiency.

Tailored Strategies

Insurance companies may be focused on supporting product pricing, maximizing capital and tax efficiency, or expanding their growth opportunities. Our goal is to understand these nuances and construct an optimal solution within each client’s risk framework that enables them to focus on growing their business.

Our unique and proprietary Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® helps our clients navigate the broad universe of opportunity sets, and our active management of all three primary asset classes provides a breadth of capabilities.

Direct Communication & Insights

At Miles Capital, the ongoing communication from our portfolio management team ensures each client is informed of what is happening with their portfolio, why decisions are made, and how those decisions support their objectives. As a result, we help strengthen our clients’ risk management initiatives, communication with the investment committee and the board, and conversations with regulators and rating agencies.

Miles Capital’s goal is to be a strategic partner and provide tailored investment solutions to each and every client.

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