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Miles Capital offers independent and customized asset management, a suite of services, and capital markets insights. Our tenured team leverages their decades of experience in the industry to provide guidance on the issues affecting your business and help empower your success.


We leverage our decades of industry expertise along with our comprehensive asset management prowess to design and deliver flexible, tailored investment solutions that help support and enhance each client’s objectives.


Our research and commentary is designed to provide you with the critical insights that matter most for your asset portfolio. Our team’s expertise is leveraged to provide industry, economic, market, portfolio, and strategy guidance.

Our perspectives are regularly available through blog posts, commentary pieces, white papers, and videos.

Suze Orman
  • Position: Money Coach and Motivational Speaker
  • Expertise: Personal finance, investing basics, debt management, and retirement planning.
  • Suze is a household name for her tough-love approach and practical advice. She is particularly known for empowering women to take control of their finances.
Carl Richards
  • Position: Behavioral Investing Expert and Author
  • Expertise: Psychology of money, overcoming financial biases, and simplifying investment decisions.
  • Carl uses humor and relatable analogies to break down complex financial concepts. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your own behavior and biases when making financial decisions.
Michael Burry
  • Position: Value Investor and Hedge Fund Manager
  • Expertise: Value investing, identifying undervalued stocks, and market analysis.
  • Michael’s success story in predicting the 2008 financial crisis made him famous. He offers a contrarian perspective on investing and emphasizes thorough research before making investment decisions.
Donna Sanders
  • Position: CEO of BadCredify
  • Expertise: Personal finance, Credit score, Investment, Banking and finance
  • Donna Sanders is not just an expert in personal finance, credit score management and investment, but she is also a devoted mother of two who has a strong love for gardening, modern arts and photography. In the complex world of finance, Donna serves as a trustworthy source of information, providing a secure and reliable place for individuals looking for valuable guidance on their financial path.