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Government Entities

The Miles Public Fund Services team has provided customized separate account and Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) advisory and administration services for over three decades. We have crafted investment policies to help govern mandates and prudently managed portfolios to a variety of state codes, client objectives, and investment policy constraints. We oversee assets for numerous subdivisions in multiple states with a focus on enhancing risk-adjusted returns.

We believe public monies should be managed to maintain safety of principal, provide ongoing liquidity, and achieve a yield advantage. We manage government entity portfolios across the spectrum of duration considerations and permitted sectors, and our internally developed, proprietary credit research process focused on safety of principal, liquidity, and yield distinguishes us from others.

We provide practical and comprehensive investment solutions for all types of government entities across several states. We create customized portfolios for our direct clients that match the liquidity profile each client needs, maintain compliance with state code and IPS constraints, and leverage our extensive capital markets insights. We are in the markets every day investing for public entities. This is what we do.

In addition, we provide a suite of services for our government clients, including:

  • Creation and Annual Review of Investment Policy Statement
  • Compliance with Investment Policies
  • Objectives-Based Asset Allocation®
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Cash Flow, Liquidity Management
  • Performance Monitoring, Reporting
  • Education and Guidance
  • Communication with Committee
  • Economic Outlook, Strategy, and Firm Communications
  • Custody Liaison Services
  • Operational and Settlement Support

View our Miles Managed Account Brochure for ways to potentially help maximize your yield.

Miles Capital provides Local Government Investment Pool advisory services for political subdivisions in multiple states.

Serving the unique needs of public entities is core to Miles Capital, and has been for three decades. We partnered with sponsoring associations to help create local government investment pools over thirty years ago. Providing the support, service, and focus on safety of principal, liquidity, and yield that public bodies need has been our focus since. As a registered investment advisor, Miles Capital serves as fiduciary to these programs and direct government entity clients, with the guiding principles of safety first, liquidity second, and yield third.

Miles Public Fund Services provides a robust administration platform that offers clients all aspects of fund accounting, transfer agency, and shareholder recordkeeping services. Our tenured team provides excellent customer service and seamlessly works with each pool’s participants.

  • Shareholder recordkeeping, fund accounting, transfer agency
  • Branded participant telephone access
  • Complete regulatory and compliance services
  • Quarterly Boards of Trustees reports
  • Transition experience for smooth conversions
  • Professional, experienced administrators

Miles Public Fund Services offers customized services to meet the unique needs of each LGIP client and support the growth of program assets.

  • Services branded and tailored to each program
  • Ongoing product development to meet participant needs
  • Onsite visits and convention participation
  • Newsletter, website, and other mailings to maintain ongoing communication
  • Active recruitment of local banks to allow for community reinvestment
  • The Case for Expanding the Public Entity Investment Policy

For more information on any of our services, please contact Amy Mitchell.